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Ibercisa at ITS Hamburg 2014
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At 2014 ITS Stand Number 151, Ibercisa will continue to emphasize the advantages of electrically driven deck equipment, definitely one of the big technological advances in this field. The electronic system will greatly affect a vessel’s efficiency and running costs with optimum savings on fuel. Ibercisa will also give special attention to equipment for the Offshore & AHTS sector as well as TUGs, Oceanic and Port (Harbour and Escort) and Dredging. Ibercisa manufactures winches with capacities of up to 350 tons pull, combined and waterfall type winches, and 600 tons on the brake and has, in recent years, signed important Offshore and Anchor Handling contracts. “At Ibercisa our products are custom designed and built in close collaboration with our clients, in terms of size, pull and configuration”, the company explains. Heerema Marine Constructors: an important and high technology delivery by the Company is the deck machinery for Bylgia and Kolga AHT built at Astilleros Armon shipyard. These vessels incorporate towing winches AHT type model MR-E/930/2/2500-89 and were designed around the dimensions of the winch, developed by Ibercisa to reach a final weight of 280 tons. The winches have two waterfall drums each with a capacity of 2,500m  of 86,9mm wire. The electronic engines are of permanent magnet type with elevated par at low revolutions.  Giving 350 tons per 10 metres/minute on the first layer with the same pull, speed increases to 50 metres/minute when offload is against the dynamic brake. The static brake capacity is 600 tons on each drum, divided between two differential band brakes. LATEST RELEVANT SUPPLIES Panama Canal Authority: the company has also built the machinery for the tugboat of a series of 14 which the  built at the Armón shipyard. These winches are hydraulically driven and will be situated at the bow of the vessel with a stowage capacity of 150 m of synthetic rope of 80 mm. They both have a pull of 20 Tns on the first layer at a speed of 11 m/min and a second speed for manoeuvres carried out by the cabiron, reaching a pull of 4,10 Tns and 16 m/min. The static brake capacity is 210 Tns. Given that these boats are operating 24 hours a day, they have chosen winches with gears in constant oil bath, thereby reducing maintenance. The stowage roller is driven by an electric motor, which is controlled from the bridge and allows “criss-cross” stowage.   Fairplay: One of the lastest deliveries of the Company is for two tugs and includes electric towing winches with a pull of 80 Tns on the first layer at a speed of 5,8 m/min and capacity for 250 m of wire of Ø80 mm. This winch is driven by a 90 kW electric motor. Electric anchor winch driven by a 4,4 kW motor with a nominal pull of 4,5 tns at first layer at 5,6 m/min.   Brazilian Shipyard Inace: Ibercisa has also supplied Hydraulic driven technology for six tugs for Tug Brazil. These vessels incorporate an hydraulic combined towing anchor winch model MR-MAN/H/70/2x120-64/20,5-22-S/1 with a pull of 31,3 Tns on the first layer at a speed of 10,7 m/min. Towing winches model MR-MAN/H/70/200-64/22-S/2 hydraulically driven with a stowage capacity of 180 m of rope of Ø 64 mm. They have a pull of 21,3 Tns on the first layer at a speed of 14 m/min. The static brake capacity is 170 Tns. And a hydraulic towing winch model MR-/H90/700- 52/IS, hydraulically driven with a stowage capacity of 800 m of wire of Ø52 mm. They have a pull of 22,1 Tns on the first layer at a speed of 13,2 m/min and the static drum brake capacity is 175 Tns.   Turkey shipyard Sefine: another relevant order has been a  hydraulic towing winch for for the Coast Guard vessels ERV; Hydraulic towing winch MR/H/400/2/800-76/800-88/1/IS   Pemex: the equipment for 7 tugs MJ1&MJ2 and for 9 tugs MJ3-MJ4 that Astilleros Armon will build in Mexico. These orders include:.hydraulic combined towing winch with anchor winch; a cable stopper for 22mm, hydraulic towing and anchor winches depending on the type of Towing vessel.   Uzmar Shipyard: machinery for two tugs. Hydraulic combined towing - anchor winch MR-MAN/H/60/120-2/17,5 - Chain Stopper, Guillotine Type, Ø17,5mm Chain. Keppel: Ibercisa has delivered a big order of deck machinery for the Keppel Shipyard based in Singapore. This equipment will be installed on board the Derrick Lay Vessel DLV2000 which McDermott Marine Construction is building at the shipyard in Singapore. hours a day, they have chosen winches with gears in constant oil bath, thereby reducing maintenance. The stowage roller is driven by an electric motor, which is controlled from the bridge and allows “criss-cross” stowage.   Ibercisa has a strong presence today in the Towing, AHTS and Offshore markets. The Company has recently enlarged its facilities and added new numerical control machinery in order to continue its growth in foreign markets. 85% of our production is assigned to export to Brazil, Russia, China, Taiwan, UK, Norway, Holland and Singapore as principle markets. From its early beginnings, Ibercisa was renowned for its loyalty to the boat-building industry and its product development arising from close contact with crews and owners which in perfect combination with its highly qualified engineers and technical staff and anoutstanding “international” spirit has placed its machinery aboard vessels in all the oceans of the world and in more than 30 countries. In addition to its significant presence on AHT & Tug Vesssels, Ibercisa has also supplied equipment for Oceanographic, Merchant and Fishing Vessels and for the Navy.
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