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We are a technological company. We manufacture naval deck machinery for all kinds of vessels giving technological solutions having previously studied the requirements of our clients, presenting the project which we feel is best suited to their needs, both technical and environmental.
Our historyIn 1969 Iber-Comercia e Industria S.A. was created to design and manufacture naval deck machinery. In the early days the company concentrated on purse seining winches, power blocks and winches for longline fishing, auxiliary winches, capstains, snatchblocks as well as fish pumps for manoeuvring the catch.

Ibercisa, having recently changed its commercial name to Ibercisa Deck Machinery S.A., has always maintained its belief in I+D+i, diversifying and expanding its production to include all kinds of vessels and services; tow boats, merchant ships, auxiliary vessels, oceanographics etc.
Our technologyThe design and manufacture of reliable, robust and high quality machinery requires technical resources to guarantee a policy of excellence throughout the whole manufacturing process. Ibercisa Deck Machinery S.A maintains up-to-date strategies.

Quality, reliability, strength and confidence. These are the keys to Ibercisa's philosophy and we apply them to everything, not only to our final product. We seek to create close relationships with our clients based on quality, reliability, strength and confidence. They are confident that our machinery will suit their requirements at all times, whatever the conditions and our objective is to satisfy that need.

Technology is vital throughout the whole chain of production. From conception of the machine, its design with infinite calculus programmes up to delivery of the final product.
Ibercisa carries out important investments in updating its technology and infrastructures. Over 9.000 m2 in which the manufacturing process as well as polishing and painting is carried out on mechanical machinery to include, an Anayak milling machine with traversing rototranslating table, with capacity for pieces up to 1.3 tons and 4m x 3m: lathes with a distance between points of 4m and 1.500 mm maximum working diameter; convection oven; painting chamber; crane with a capacity for 80 tons.

The Company sustains its productive process by investigation and development of its own new technology for the manufacture of new machinery. The process is initiated on the table in the technical office. More than 25% of the workforce at Ibercisa is made up of engineers who employ high quality and detailed technological tools with SolidWorks, AutoCad and KissSoft programmes. The technical office and the machines on the factory floor are directly connected. In the technical office finite calculation is made on critical points with ASNYS. Virtual trials are carried out before manufacture and physical trials before delivery.
What we doWe will meet your requirements with machinery conceived and designed especially for each client. Give us your problem, our team will study the answer. Together we will design the best solution.
Who we areA team of highly qualified and dynamic professionals under constant training which fulfills the needs of and finds the best technological solutions for our clients. The team is the visible face of Ibercisa Deck Machinery.

Roberto Rodríguez Orro General Manager Adolfo Rodríguez Economist-MBA. Assistant Manager & Purchase Manager Miguel Conde Torrente Financial Director Miguel Riveiro Business Development
Iván Arias Piñeiro Technical Manager Angel Javier Fernandez Romano Operations Manager Enrique Álvarez Ríos Head of Hydraulic Dept. María Barreras Sanjurjo SAT Alberto Benavides Factory Manager Alfonso Alonso Commercial Department Patricia Lago García Commercial Department Salvador Moreira Technical Quality, Environment and SSL
Where we operateWe have agents and technical assistance in strategic points for the fleet and continue to grow and increase our services. The objective, to assure you that we will resolve, as quickly as possible, any problems which may arise and we will back up and support your preference for Ibercisa Deck Machinery.

Corporate video

IBERCISA Corporate Video

Ibercisa Deck Machinery was formed in 1969 in Vigo and in almost 50 years has become a leading player in the naval sector. Find out more about Ibercisa in this video.

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