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Ibercisa is engaged with its local community and supports two local projects. On the one hand, with the environment showing care and respect for biodiversity, we help sustain the Fundacion Sales, a botanical garden in the City of Vigo in which over 800 species are planted. On the other, we reward the talent and efforts of young musicians by sponsoring the hugely successful and highly competitive annual City of Vigo Violin, Viola and Cello Competition.
Fundación sales The Fundación Sales in Ad. de Europa 52, Vigo, was founded to firstly protect the garden of the late Francisco de Sales, one of Galicia’s first landscape designer and horticulturists whose plant collections were the envy of many a gardener in Spain.  On his death, the foundation was created to look after his garden which is now open to the public and offers all kinds of tuition and practical gardening classes to the general public with a view to increasing sensibilities in Galicia towards good practices, environmental concerns, recycling etc.

Ibercisa participates both financially and physically in all aspects of the project with a view to saving this tiny green space from extinction and offering a chance for people of the town to get involved with the garden by becoming Friends of the Foundation and participating in all the activities both cultural and purely horticultural, held therein. See
Young musicians Ibercisa sponsors, along with the City Council of Vigo, the City of Vigo Competition for Violin and Cello. The competition is open to young musicians up to 22 years old studying in Spain or Portugal.

Held in Vigo, the Competition features a gala concert during which the previous years' winners will play the work of their choice as soloist with the orchestra from the Vigo senior music Conservatory ever keen to cooperate with this type of event, thereby offering these young musicians the opportunity of a unique orchestral experience. See
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Ibercisa Deck Machinery was formed in 1969 in Vigo and in almost 50 years has become a leading player in the naval sector. Find out more about Ibercisa in this video.

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